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"Business people are bad at deciding what to do with technology, because they don't know what the options are, or which kinds of problems are hard and which are easy."

Paul Graham

How to Start a Startup by Paul Graham, Y Combinator

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SaaS matches non-tech founders with an interim tech founder in a 4-8 weeks CTO Programme. 

Your CTO will work with you to produce a completely customised plan in 4-weeks and set up for a 'Lean and Agile' Startup. Get your ideas off the ground within a week.

Our CTOs in the Code community are experienced well over 5 years up to 20 years from various expertise, startups and education background. If you are a CTO signup to join the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't see the questions you are looking for, get in touch with us here. We'd love to answer them. 

What is an online CTO service?
Building your dream App is like building your dream home. First you need to find a piece of land (Idea Validation). Once you’ve found your land, you will need the help of an architect (CTO & Designer) to design the blueprint of your home (wireframe of your App). Once you are happy, you get a bunch of contractors (programmers) to start constructing your dream home (your next 19 billion dollar App!)-and move in!. In a nutshell, it’s an online service that helps aspiring Founders build their dream App and launch their Startup. 
What’s the alternative? 
You can design and build your own dream home youself.
Who is this online CTO service for?
It’s for anyone who’s passionate, motivated and crazy enough to chase their dreams. You can be a photographer with an idea for a social app, or a business executive that believes the world needs local travel website, or a dispatch boy with an idea that will make Waze look like childs play - you don’t need technical skills or background. This could be your first experience as a Startup entrepreneur or you may have tried it before. You could be as young as 18 or even at 40, it’s never too late. 
What is the difference between me hiring a CTO to develop an MVP or going direct to alternative developers?
You could make a ton of mistakes, waste a lot of time and burn a lot of money in the process. Developers are just like contractors, they normally need a blueprint to start building something. Without a blueprint, you’re making it up as you go. Something that should take 2 months and cost £10,000 to build, could end up taking 9 months and costing £50,000! That’s not uncommon in tech industry. We’ve also met Founders that have spent 3 years building their App. With an experienced CTO, you are standing on solid foundation, designing technically sound blueprints for your App and getting you to market within months.   
Do I need a team to get started?
No, you can get started alone although having a team is completely optional. The CTO programme was designed to cater to the single ‘solo’ Founders while they form a team. We do believe that you will eventually need to form a team - but you can concurrently start your Startup   
Do I need past experience in a Startup or Technology industry?
No, you don’t need past experience. Most of our Founders are non-Tech and coming from different industries. The least, you have experienced Starting-Up something or drawn a plan on a paper napkin at some stage.
How much does the online CTO service cost?
The cost varies and depending on which CTO and Interface Designer works with you. However all the CTOs and Designers that sign up with Code have been strongly recommended to keep their fees to the minimal as we understand idea stage Startups have limited financial resources. At present, we are keeping the average cost per programme to £3,000. 
Is £3,000 really worth it?
It depends on how much you believe in your Startup idea. Upon completing the CTO programme, you may succeed in raising early stage funding of £100,000 to £500,000. So your investment is 0.6% to 3% of potential funding. This programme is different from other programmes - you’re getting CTOs and Designers with 10 years experience from the Startup and Tech industry working on your dream.
Will the CTO hired join my Startup after the programme is over?
It really depends, it’s like asking “Will this woman marry me if I got out on a date with her?”. The CTOs are also trying out other Startups to find the best fit, both from a founder personality and technical challenge perspective. We do our best to find potential long-term fit when selecting a CTO. 
How do Code protect my idea?
We get all our CTOs and Designers to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements before starting the programme. We also make sure that the CTOs and Designers are not working on competing Startup Ideas at the same time. 
Where can I find example of successful projects and testimonials from Code
We are still in closed beta and we don’t disclose the Startups until they have launched. You may get in touch with any Code team members to request a private presentation on some case studies. We normally request permission from our current Startups before sharing the information - but they are pretty cool with us and normally it’s not a problem. 
Do you offer pay-by-shares options for my Startup?
For the CTO programme, we do not offer any pay-by-shares options as we promised both CTOs and Designers that they will NOT work for free or equity-sweat. However, upon completing the CTO programme, Code may invest in developing your Minimal Viable Product. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more. 
Can Code guarantee I have a successful Startup?
No. You are the Entrepreneur and you are the captain of the ship. It’s your dream, you’ve got to make it happen. It’s like saying ‘can Cambridge guarantee that taking a degree that I will be a CEO of a Fortune500’. However, we at Code have put together an amazing programme and given you an unfair advantage for you to succeed. 


"As a Non-Technical Founder, I come from a very creative, visual communications based background, not a computer science background. As I don’t have the ability to code, the importance to find the right CTO co-founder who can compliment my strengths and weaknesses, is in my opinion and I believe also, from the perspective of engineering, product development, biz dev and investment, critical to the future success of my Startup." - March 2014

Anthony Maule

Founder of Kisschase

Non-Tech Founders of Code

What do our Non-Tech Founders say about working with Code Army?

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Anthony is a Top Professional Fashion Photographer based in London. Now CEO & Founder of his Startup "Kisschase" after going through discovery and validation phase with Code's Accelerator CTO Program. He welcomes any questions you may have regarding his engagement with Code Army.


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