You got an idea for a tech business.
We got an army to set it up, successfully.


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Do you have an idea to start a tech business but you don’t have enough technical skills to set it on your own? Just pitch to us and we will guide you throughout the entire process. 

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If you are an experienced CTO, willing to work at tech projects to help start-ups developing their business, you are in the right place.

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How It Works?

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We consult, guide and teach entrepreneurs along the way of dealing with their digital start-up projects.

You will start a customized program during which you will develop your idea, from validation to prototyping and development, within the guidance of your assigned CTO and a bunch of experts here to guide and teach you. 


Our CTOs  are well experienced with a minimum of 5 years, up to 20 years, coming from various fields of expertise, providing a start-up and education background.  They are not just either an architect or a designer or a UX expert, they work on the big picture and help everything fit together seamlessly.

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The Army

"I know what it’s like to have a great idea and no way to realise it technically at the start. Super frustrating right? Basically, what Code Army is set up to do is minimise your chances of failure. They cannot guarantee your success, but they can make sure that you start in the best way to maximise on your chances of success. They have years of experience with lean start up methodologies and best practices. Their CTO program is designed, first and foremost, to make you challenge your own assumptions about your start up idea, before you go rushing off to code it and make a ton of mistakes and waste time and money. Using their resources and guidance, they will make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions first and, by the time you’re done with the program, you may have even changed you’re original idea. For me the program was invaluable, the service was exceptional and they’re definitely some of the brightest minds in Lean start up in Asia.I would highly recommend it. - August 2014

Anthony Maule

Founder of Kisschase

Non-Tech Founders of Code

What does a former customer say about working with Code Army?

Get In Touch with Anthony

Anthony is a Top Professional Fashion Photographer based in London. Now CEO & Founder of his Startup "Kisschase" after going through discovery and validation phase with Code's Accelerator CTO Program. He welcomes any questions you may have regarding his engagement with Code Army.


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Founded in 2012, is a startup at the service of other startups.

We deliver support, investment and services to the global tech startup community. At we consult, guide and teach how to manage a tech business, throughout the whole process, from the idea validation, to the MVP and technical development.

We provide a learning and mentoring program to guide entrepreneurs along the way of dealing with their project. We use a large group of skilled and experienced professionals, coming from all around the world: business people, marketers, CTOs, designer, and more, all characterized by a common peculiarity: being dreamers.

Starting a Tech Business

Starting a company is solitary and challenging.

Working with other people who already went through the same challenges makes a huge difference.

The great aspect of dealing with entrepreneurs is that most of them are passion driven and, in some way, unique people. They are courageous and hardworking. For those who look the job of entrepreneurs from outside, running a startup looks sexy but, in reality, it is really toughWhen you got an idea and you feel that it is ‘THE IDEA’, everything looks possible, you feel excited, you start dreaming again that, not just your life can change thanks to that idea, but also the life of many others. Then reality comes and you start wandering into the unknown, questioning yourself: ‘will it work for customers?’, ‘How much will it cost to develop it?’, ‘How can I get money for this project?’, ‘Should it be a mobile app or a website?’, ‘How can I promote it?’ … You ask your colleagues, your friends, Google that a lot, trying to collect as much info as possible, then you end up being even more confused than in the beginning cause all those people give you clues and advice which are often in contradiction with each other. After a while, you start feeling lost and frustrated. You may hire a business consultant and search for a development house for the technical aspects, but they are expensive and none of them is able to give you the ‘big picture’ and advice about the whole process. 


Minimize your chances of failure