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Aaron Gill

Cofounder, MyTeksi

Startup founders will be assigned a dedicated Code mentor for remote sessions 2-3 times per week. Our mentors come from established startup ecosystems around the world and many have built and sold their own companies successfully.

The Army

Anthony is a top Professional Fashion Photographer based in London. He's now CEO & Founder of his startup "KissChase" after going through the discovery and validation phase with Code's Accelerator CTO Program.

Anthony Maule

Founder of KissChase

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Founded in 2012, Code is a startup at the service of other startups.

We deliver support, investment and services to the global tech startup community. At Code, we consult, teach and guide you through the entire process of managing a tech business, from idea validation, to the MVP and technical development.

We provide a learning and mentoring program to guide entrepreneurs in dealing with their projects. We have a large group of skilled and experienced professionals, coming from all around the world: business people, marketers, CTOs, designers, and more, all characterized by a common peculiarity: being dreamers.

Starting a Tech Business

Starting a company is solitary and challenging.

Working with people who have already gone through the same challenges makes a huge difference.

The greatest aspect of dealing with entrepreneurs is that most of them are passion driven and, in some way, unique people. They are courageous and hardworking. For those who look at the job of being an entrepreneur from the outside, running a startup looks sexy but in reality, it is really toughWhen you have an idea and you feel that it is ‘THE IDEA’, everything looks possible. You feel excited and have dreams that you're not just changing your life but also the lives of many others. Then reality sets in and you start wandering into the unknown, questioning yourself: ‘Will it work for customers?’, ‘How much will it cost to build?’, ‘How can I get money for this project?’, ‘Should it be a mobile app or a website?’, ‘How can I promote it?’ … You ask your colleagues, your friends, Google a lot, trying to collect as much info as possible, and you end up being even more confused than you were at the beginning because of all the contradictory advice. After a while, you start feeling lost and frustrated. You may hire a business consultant and search for a development house to handle the technicalities, but they are expensive and cannot give you the ‘big picture’ advice about the whole process. 


Identify your product roadmap and technical specifications


Build your product and get it ready for the market

Ai Ching

Cofounder, Piktochart

Azreen Latiff

Cofounder, QuickSchools

Dr Bernard Wong

Startup Mentor and Coach

Firdaus was a Marketing Executive who designed marketing strategies aimed at youth for a telecommunications company. He's since built his very own tech startup "HappyChef" with the help of Code's dedicated team and mentors.

Firdaus Johari

Founder of HappyChef

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We provide a complete and long-term program to guide entrepreneurs through the entire process.

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Thanks to Lean Startup methodologies, entrepreneurs learn how to fail fast in order to succeed even faster!

Our army of awesome mentors and CTOs from all over the world are our biggest plus point!

Non-Tech Founders of Code

The Code Program Mentors

Riz Ainuddin

Cofounder & Design, Code

Zafrul Noordin

Founder & Lean Startup Coach, Code

Paolo Lombardi

Managing Director, TechPeaks

Peter Sispoidis

Principal, Evolution4 LLC

Our CTOs are very experienced with a minimum of 5 years, up to 20 years, working in tech and startups. They come from various fields of expertise, from startup and education backgrounds. They are more than just an architect or a designer or a UX expert; they work on the big picture and help everything fit together seamlessly.

If you are a CTO apply to join our community.

Wayde Gilchrist

CTO / Consultant, Tech Start Help

Oula Järvinen

Managing Director, Internet Industry Finland

Erik Lacson

Director of Technology Operations, Devex

Affiza Fazreen

Director for Operations & Mobile Products, Catz Media Analytics

The Code network of CTOs

Gianluca Trombetta

Head of Platform, CDI Apps For Good

Raj Shah

Energy Consultant, Organix

Adrian Berilă

Freelance Web Developer

Lean Startup Machine Kuala Lumpur

Code is the official host for the 2nd 
Lean Startup Machine in Kuala Lumpur!

Dec 5-7, 2014


FunTech are pioneers in the unique blend of Gamification and Game Design which they call ReGame. They are now joining forces with Code on a special Mission to create an innovative solution-packed experience that is valuable to both Founders and Investors.

The Code Partners

Kamaruz Fa'ad Alwi

Game Development, Funtech

Effendy Norzaman

ReGame Designer, Funtech

Ezehan Reza

ReGame Designer, Funtech

We are an online startup accelerator helping people without any technical background to turn their tech ideas into a software business

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