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Anthony is a top Professional Fashion Photographer based in London. He founded "KissChase" after validating his ideas with Code's Accelerator Program.

Anthony Maule

Founder of KissChase

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Firdaus is a Marketing Executive with a telecommunications company. He's since started "HappyChef" with the help of Code's dedicated team and mentors.

Firdaus Johari

Founder of HappyChef


Peter Sispoidis

Principal, Evolution4 LLC

Our CTOs are very experienced with 5-20 years working in tech and startups. More than just an architect or a designer or a UX expert, they work on the big picture and teach you how to fit everything together seamlessly.


Wayde Gilchrist

CTO / Consultant, Tech Start Help

Oula Järvinen

Managing Director, Internet Industry Finland

Erik Lacson

Director of Technology Operations, Devex

Affiza Fazreen

Director for Operations & Mobile Products, Catz Media Analytics

Gianluca Trombetta

Head of Platform, CDI Apps For Good

Raj Shah

Energy Consultant, Organix

Adrian Berilă

Freelance Web Developer

Lean Startup Machine Kuala Lumpur

Code is now the official Regional Partner of
Lean Startup Machine in ASEAN!

FunTech are pioneers in the unique blend of Gamification and Game Design which they call ReGame. They are now joining forces with Code on a special Mission to create an innovative solution-packed experience that is valuable to both Founders and Investors.

The Code Partners

Kamaruz Fa'ad Alwi

Game Development, Funtech

Effendy Norzaman

ReGame Designer, Funtech

Ezehan Reza

ReGame Designer, Funtech



What is interesting about your idea? Is it complex or a technically challenging problem to solve? Tell the Code CTO community your idea!

We'll pair you with the most suitable CTO based on your idea and the type of expertise you'll need. Together, you'll chart a roadmap for your product and startup.

Set up a team based on your plan and turn your idea into a real product. Release and test on your market!

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We are now the Regional Partners for Lean Startup Machine!

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We are now the Regional Partners in ASEAN for Lean Startup Machine!

We are an online startup accelerator helping people from non-technical

backgrounds turn their tech ideas into reality.



Using Lean Methodologies, prove that your solution is solving real world problems.

With your evidence, get funded.



Get Me A CTO

Plot your technological roadmap with the best Startup CTOs.

Then put together a team to build and release your Minimal Viable Product.



LEAN encompasses all of our Lean initiatives, which are designed to help you validate your idea with minimal waste and maximum speed. We'll teach you how to work on ideas that will turn into products that people will buy and your investors will love.

Day Zero is a 10-step program that teaches you how to do idea validation, lean branding & UX, create a business model and craft a winning investor deck.

Code has partnered with Lean Startup Machine to bring their world-famous 3-day workshop to ASEAN as regional partner.

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We are now the Regional Partners in ASEAN for Lean Startup Machine!

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